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Acrylic painting is, in addition to oil painting and watercolor one of the most preferred techniques in painting. Painting with acrylic offers a unique experience because the colors can be diluted with water while painting, but do not remain water-soluble in dried state.

Moreover, acrylics possess a wonderful luminosity

which lends itself to a wide variety of painting techniques - including Airbrush.


Oil painting is one of the most popular techniques in painting and many regard oil painting as the "supreme discipline" within painting.

The Advantage of painting with oils is the long drying time of the colors.

Thus, oil colors can be mixed and reworked over a longer period of time. Oil paints cannot be diluted with water and are waterproof in dried state.


Watercolor painting is a fine art and therefore tips are important.

With the right guidance watercolor painting can still come easily, even for beginners.

Although watercolor was demoted in the last hundred years purely to painting sketches, no other painting style requires so much concentration, planning ahead, tact and, ultimately "craftsmanship". Fletcher-Watson ounce said, that watercolor painting is 80 percent skill and 20 percent inspiration.

Many artists prefer to rise to smoother painting techniques such as acrylic, pastel, oil & vinegar to etc. while others continue using watercolors in highly stylized "modern" art because of the fantastic colors and veil-like effects.

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